photo of Terry Dean at NAMS Workshop 6

Terry Dean at NAMS Workshop 6

Terry Dean spent an entire day with the Advanced group discussing how to increase conversion. The content was powerful. Powerful is not a word used lightly. He had some of the best internet marketers attending the session as students. They sang his praises several times as they learned new ways to improve conversion in their own online businesses.

One key point he made was that we need to write less in order to convert more. Yes, he proved this statement. A few of the things participants learned from Terry Dean were:

  • Three things he must have in every email he sends
  • Where to get questions to use for interviews and copy writing
  • How to get experts to interview for content and authority
  • Best ways to do product research online
  • How to write less while converting online traffic better
  • The importance of story-telling in copy writing
  • Types of stories he has used in online copy that led to success

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